Bavaria presents the beautiful lakes


Alpsee Lake

The beautiful view on this lake is from Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, the castles. The lake takes almost one [...more]


Ammersee Lake

About only one hour long way by a car from Munich, there is a favourite Munichers´ goal for trips – The Ammersee Lake. [...more]


Badersee Lake

When you visit Grainau, you should not skip the walking tour to Badersee, the lake famous for its clear water, [...more]


Bodensee Lake

On the northern border of the Alps, near the border between Germany, Austria and Switzerland, there is Bodam lake. [...more]


Chiemsee Lake

The largest Bavarian lake, Chiemsee, is often called “Bavarian sea”. On this lake, almost 80 km² large, there is [...more]


Eibsee Lake

Eibsee Lake lyes on the side of mount Zugspitze in almost 1000 meters over the sea. This lake fascinates the visitors [...more]


Hintersee Lake

Near Ramsau on the border of Berchtesgaden National Park lies 16 hectares large Hintersee Lake. On its western and [...more]


Kochelsee Lake

Kochelsee Lake lies on the norhthern edge of the Alps and it is also surrounded with the scenery made by steep sides of [...more]


Konigssee Lake

Steep sides of the mountains envelop emerald green waters of Konigsee Lake in Berchtesgaden, the lakes. Majestic [...more]


Schliersee Lake

This lake in the Bavarian Alps district attracts the plenty of visitors as well as near Tegernsee Lake. Beauty and [...more]


Schwansee Lake

In the middle of the former chateaux´s park in Hohenschwangau lies the little Schwansee Lake. It is only seven meters [...more]


Staffelsee Lake

Diversive landscape around Staffelsee shores is one of the significant features of Murnau surroundings. This lake is [...more]


Starnberger See Lake

Starnberg Lake (former called Wurm Lake) lies the nearest to the provincial capitol city of Munich. Already in 17th and [...more]


Tegernsee Lake

Majestic mountains as for example 1722 meters high Wallberg surrounds Tegernsee Lake. This lake is nine kilometers long [...more]


Waginger - Tachinger See Lake

In the center of traditional rural area called the Ruper´s Nook is the great Waginger and Tachinger Lake. This lake [...more]